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We are now in the era of technology, gadgets, tablets, social media and of course online world. These new inventions are not only in our sight to entertain us, they are also a way to help us build our own business with no investment/capital needed.

Online stores like Lazada and Zalora offer netizens to buy products they want at the comfort of their home. Like them, you can also establish your own brand and business with zero capital by being a reseller of some fashion online store.

There are online stores that give discounts to qualified resellers or online business owners.

Will they file a case against you if they catch you reselling their clothes? The answer is NO. In fact, they will give you the materials or the pictures you needed in order for you to sell their products. You can open your own store by having your own online store and by the use of any social media to promote the products.

Do you need to buy clothes in order to sell them? The answer is also NO. You do not need to invest or buy first the product. If your customer buys a product, that is only the time that you will buy a product from them.


List of Online Stores that need Resellers



1. Eazy Fashion is an online store that sell products from infants to adults. They sell accesories, clothes for men and women, shoes and other branded products. The good thing about them is they have chat support system and have special deals.

According to their chat support, Eazy Fashion is a reliable online supplier for fashion accessories and apparel and had been able to cater more than a thousand of customers online.

They offer up to 50% discount to qualified resellers and 10% discount for orders (excluding SALE items) more than 2000 pesos to unapproved resellers.

As a reseller, you can copy and post their photos to your online store and they can ship the items directly to your customers using your name as the seller.

How to become a reseller?

1. Register an account

2. Purchase any item.

3. Post at least 15 Eazy Fashion items to your online store.

4. Send an e-mail to and indicate your account email address, order number and link to your online store.

Eazy Fashion proves that a good-natured business can be done without even paying for a single centavo.

The company not only wants to promote a stylish lifestyle through its products but it also wants to improve the lives of Filipinos by giving them a good source of income.



2. Viajero Wholesale is a wholesale clothing supplier based in the Philippines. They offer a wide range of apparel for women, men and children that are proudly locally made. They also accept customized and made-to-order singlets, shirts and dresses.

In a nutshell, they are the “Divisoria” online. They sell items for as low as 35 pesos!

As a reseller, you need to contact them through their facebook fanpage and send a message about your intention to resell their items.

The only downsides I see are resellers or customers could not choose the color and specific print they want because their items are pre-packed and assorted.


3. Kishoppe Fashion is a women’s clothing online store based in Metro Manila that specializes on ladies wear, accessories and other items. Their aim is to provide their customers with the best quality of clothing and offer a fashionable trendy at affordable price. 

Kishoppe Fashion does not have a physical store and own website. It only posted the available items through facebook and instagram accounts.

How to be a Reseller?

To order send your details via PM/0908.610.5530
✓ Order Photo:
✓ Name
✓ Shipping Address
✓ Contact no.
✓ Date of Payment:
✓ Mode of Payment:
●BPI ●BDO ●Smartmoney ●LBC Remit ●MLhuillier ●Cebuana ●Palawan Pera ●Western Union
Send here: ☛

4. Go Buy aims to make shopping fun and convenient from the comfort of your office or home. This is your one-stop online shop committed in offering top-of-the-line fashion merchandise with distinct combination of style and function for multiple lifestyles. Best of all, their items are crafted by emerging and innovative brands, both local and international.

Go buy sell items like clothes, dresses, accessories, shoes, bags and gadgets. Most of their items are imported internationally from Japan, Korea, China and Thailand.

How to be a Reseller?

1. Sign up a member of their site.

2.  Tell them that you want to be a reseller by sending them the following information via email to
– Your registered email on our site.
– 1 photo copy or scanned copy of any valid ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Company ID or etc).
– Contact information including telephone number, mobile number and residential address.
– Your Online Shop URL (Facebook, Instagram and etc)
– A brief background your online shop

They will get back to you via email once their Marketing Team has reviewed the application. Usually, they reply in 3-5 days.

Their resellers get up to 20% discounts on their tems.


5. Lynn’s Fashion Store is an RTW online store for fashionable women. They sell  dresses and skirts, blouses, leggings, jumpsuits, pullovers, jackets, swimsuits etc. The good thing about Lynn’s Fashion Store is that they are already in the business since 2008 and offer a wide range of products that can be availed using different payment methods.

How to be a Reseller?

All you have to do is simply start ordering items. Remember there are 6 pieces minimum and you shoulder the shipping cost unless the order is over 20 pieces which shipping in the Philippines is then free.

They can also show you how to start and give you a very good idea of your investment needed. Just request their free “Reseller Guide” and they’ll email you a copy right away.

Tips that they will present:

How to start your business
What to expect to pay for your items
What to expect in markup for your items (How much you should sell for)
How to treat your customers
Understanding Shipping costs
How to accept different forms of payment
How to market your items
How to get a professional yet cheap website
Suggestions and Ideas on how to grow your business
And so much more…


What are you waiting for? Choose a brand name and start your zero capital online business now!



Rozen is the brain behind this blog. She is a call reviewer, blogger and a crypto lover. You may also find her in Divisoria Tips

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  1. hi! i have been checking lately about viajero wholesale but still is uncertain whether the store is legit. have you heard of their legitimacy so far? thank you!

    1. Hi Jack! I haven’t bought anything from Viajero Wholesale but I think they are legit because the location and contact numbers are provided in their online store and they have updated lists of items in their site and facebook page. If you are still uncertain, you can contact them and ask questions regarding their business. Hope this help.

  2. Hi I’ve been thinking to resell Lynn’s Fashion. Are they legit? Do you know anyone who’ve been in the business with them? Hope for your reply. Tnx.

    1. Hello Areld! To be honest, I don’t personally know anyone who is an affiliate of Lynn’s Fashion Store because resellers I encounter on my facebook account do not, of course, say which site they get their products. BUT, upon writing this article, I somewhat get the idea of becoming a reseller to all these sites to know which online store and products stand out and write a review about it.

    2. Hi, I’m a reseller of Lynn’s for a year already. She’s legit. My facebook shop is “Sweet Teat PH Nursing and Maternity.”

  3. Eazy Fashion is not as reliable as you think 🙁 I’m a reseller yet they don’t accept reservations even just for 24hours. There will come a time when you’ll place an order and do fund transfer for not more than 5minutes yet the next day the item is out of stock already when you paid for it because it’s available via their website. Website is not real time and when you pay immediately after placing an order for the fear that the item may be passed to any buyer who first paid, pay for the service fee via remittance centers plus your transportation fee to go to the remittance center (if you do?) and all they can say is sorry for the inconvenience, you may choose to replace it with another item or to refund your payment. How hassle is that??

  4. Thank you justgotideas for featuring my onlineshop @kishoppefashion in your blog. My new facebook link is (To writer of this blog, Maraming salamat po) Yung link ko po sa Blog ay Not available na, i change it due to Facebook request for a new link & Username. I hope that the writer can edit the url for direct link to my profile.. Pls. Thank you more power. Will share you site in my Facebook page to get more followers.

    New link

    I have new shop in SHOPEE APP (online selling app on mobile) which offer CASH ON DELIVERY and Free Shipping minimum of 500 orders

    Here’s the link:
    Thank you justgotideas

  5. Hi all, Nice list.

    Meanwhile i just want to share this new online store opening in June, Owned by a foreigner and a filipina. They are called MARJOSE ENTERPRISE opening in JUNE 2017, I find them interesting and i want to share here for suppliers who are looking for suppliers. First, they have this LAZADA concept, where they accept suppliers of all products to post items to their website and then they sell. Well the thing is i have registered as on of their suppliers! BUT….. there is a big difference with lazada and i think they will go far, First, they do not charge suppliers any registration fee, Secondly they do not charge any commission fees when they sell, they offer free web-page for all their suppliers, when you have orders, they send a courier to pick it and they handle shipping too! Now how do they gain? Thing is they are typically re-sellers but more advanced, all you need to do is to give them your item price at a low price – a re-seller price and they do the rest. To become their supplier you need 2 valid IDs, I checked their legitimacy on and yes they are registered! This is a good outlet for suppliers like me.

    How about customers? They have this referral program that you invite people to shop and when they do, you get P20 per person, Quite interesting.

    My thoughts? Recommended for sellers, great for customers. Let’s wait for their JUNE 2015 launch!
    I gathered the information below:


    My free website from them is

  6. Nice! I too i am a reseller of Marjose
    They are legit abd they are now having more sellers local and international sellers as well. I use them for dropshipping business. Legit and customer service is amading. If you want to sell online its a good avenue for you to start, plus they offer a free website, pick up ur orders and ships
    If you are a reseller like me its also nice.

    1. Hi Bullied Employee, I am interested to become a reseller and I have no idea where to start that’s why I was looking for ideas online on what to do. Then I came upon this blog and saw your comment that interests me. Would you care sharing what are the first things to do before I become a reseller? Any ideas, please? Thanks a lot.

      1. To be a re-seller for Marjose. You need to just create an account on their website. Send them an email about ur wish to resell with links to ur fb shop or Website. You will be approved and given a code. If you have ordered from your customers, Order from marjose and use the code to get a re-seller discount. marjose will ship the order in your name

  7. hi.. reading all your feedbacks gave me an idea.thanks but last update was.jan 2017. how about this time? sino po pinaka for a newbie like me..hope u can give me tips and.suggestions. thanks

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