5 Must Read Tips for Lazada Members



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There is no contrary that Lazada Philippines is the leading online store in the Philippines. They generate avid buyers who constantly grab the opportunity to buy online items with or without discounts.

I, myself, buy necessary items on Lazada because I do not have the time to go to malls and browse every stall and look for items that “I think” I need.

As a frequent buyer, I already master the dos and dont’s, what, when and how to buy on Lazada.

Here’s a list that helps me save money on Lazada.


5 Tips before buying from Lazada

1. Sale date/hour
РTake a peak at their site to see the dates when they give big discounts to their items. More often, they are on sale during holidays and big events. In addition, they also have a Flash Sale page where they give discounts on selected items every day.

2. Voucher
– Before you buy any product, take a look at their banners to see if there are applicable vouchers for your item. You can save as much as P300 for using their voucher codes.

3. At least 1 thousand
– Buy the items that you want in just one cart or at least accumulate a total of P1000.00 for you not to pay the delivery fee (P55.00) and be eligible to some of their vouchers.

4. Compare items
-Before you buy anything, make sure that you compare and contrast the items that you want because Lazada offers a bunch of similar items from different manufacturers and sellers. It’s better to be a “metikuloso” than to change your item to a different product.

5. Read reviews and comments
-Of course read reviews and comments of the items that you really want to buy “in and out” of Lazada. If the price is good but the rating is not, better to proceed to a different item than to wish that you didn’t buy the item all.

Lazada is a big help to people who do not have the time to go to malls and do not know the products they want to buy until they see it. However before buying anything, keep in your mind these 5 tips to enjoy shopping in Lazada the cheapest and convenient way.



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