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Few years back, applying for an atm card required at least 2 valid ids, id picture, documents etc.

Time has changed and so is getting an atm card.

If you want to have an atm card the easiest and cheapiest way, I recommend Gcash from Globe Telecommunications.


I never planned to get a Gcash card because I was not a Globe user and had Smartmoney already. Out of curiosity about their beepcard feature, I asked the lady in a Gcash booth about the benefits of using Gcash.

In less than 3 minutes, I already had a Gcash card in my hand with my name printed on it.

It was indeed so fast that the only thing I did was fill up their form, activate my Gcash account by linking it to my new Globe sim (free sim for Gcash buyer) and pay P150.00.

No hassle. No queue. No documents needed if you want to save your money in an atm card and/or shop online or offline.

As a Gcash owner, I now have the ability to:

*Tap it to LRT vending machine (use as beepcard)
*Swipe in any EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine which is used to facilitate debit/credit card payments
*Shop in any online store

I can also use my Gcash money to send money to other Gcash holder for FREE!!! It is best to use if you needed to send money to someone in the province.

How to deposit

The convenient way for me to deposit money to my Gcash is through 7-11 Clique. I just type my globe number and the amount I need and Taddah! Got Gcash credits with no transaction fee!


I typically use my Gcash credits tp pay my monthly sss contribution, LRT credits, buy online items and load. (Gcash gives 8% rebate whenever I buy load.)

Last words

If you want to have an atm card (with beepcard) but do not like to present your ids and documents, I encourage you to get a Gcash instead. It’s cheap and very convenient to use.




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