Shop and Earn: Shopback Review

Want to shop ang get your money back? At Shopback it is absolutely definitely and undeniably possible.

What is Shopback and How to Earn

Shopback is a reward app/webpage browser for online shopaholic who wants to get a rebate of their payments. In short, the process will be “shop” – “get back” your money. As simple as that. Yeboy!

How to use Shopback

1. Sign up on or download the app.
2. Browse their partner store
3. Buy the item that calls your attention
4. Wait for your money to return.


The money that you’ll get is of course based on the rebate they are offering. Sometimes, Shopback gives only 1% but there are times that it gives upto 12% rebate!

Happy with the guaranteed money back? Actually, there are 2 ways to earn in Shopback.

How to earn

1. Buy and redeem – buy and wait for your Shopback account to validate your rebate
2. Refer your friends – Share your Shopback referral link to any social media you have and if there’s a friend who signs up under you, you will automatically earn money!

You do not need to wait for malls to go on sale. Just browse Shopback and you’ll feel that everyday is Sale Day!


* Give rebate
* Easy to navigate
* You can withdraw your money using Paypal and Bank accounts


* You need to wait for weeks to get your money
* Limited Stores
* Does not let you shop the online stores’ application

Well, I personally use Shopback everytime I need to buy something in Lazada and other booking services.  I found it very easy and helpful to my budget. See? I earned P786 for using it with additional P100 bonus!


What about you? Have you tried Shopback? If not, give it a sec and we’ll see how you’ll feel about it!

Positive or negative comment? Jot it down on the comment section and let other readers read it!



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