Primedice: Play and Earn at the same time!




If you want to play a casino game but do not like the idea to invest money, Primedice is the right game for you!

Primedice is an established dice game casino site for bitcoins since 2013.

Free money

Unlike other casino games, Primedice gives everyone, newbies and elite members the ability to play their dice game without investing a satoshi. Thumbs up!


primedice faucet
Free Bitcoin! Oh yeah!


It has a faucet where members can claim at least 200 satoshi whenever their balance is zero. You can begin playing with zero investment and end up with bitcoins in your wallet or just play online.

User-Friendly Platform

Nothing can beat the user-friendliness that offers to members. As a member, you have the ability to customize your percentage chance of winning and payout. Moreover, you can set a bet from manual to automatic betting.


primedice betting


How to Play?

Primedice is so simple to play. You’ll just need to¬†adjust your winning chance and boom! You’re already playing!


primedice members bet
Sample of members’ bet


Why you should join?

*Luck – If you think you have the LUCK in playing games, try this one.
*Entertainment – If you’re bored and want to try something new and free, try this one.

Why you should not join?

Addiction may be the best answer why anyone should not join this kind of program. And stable internet connection. You’d hate to bet and play if there’s a major barrier.



Primedice is a great program made for bitcoin users who want to either gamble or entertain themselves by betting. After it made a noise in the bitcoin community, many bitcoin gambling sites sprouted but for me, nothing can beat Primedice when it comes to simplicity and tranparency.




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