Wanted to know why people are still eager to join in HYIP programs even though the sites will turn to scam after a couple of hours or days?

Maybe they know the HYIP Tips!

If you wanted to join a HYIP or High Yield Investment Program but do not know what sites to trust, then better read this post first as your guide ONLY.


1. Join Facebook Pages and Groups

To know what’s new, paying and scam, join Facebook Pages and Groups dedicated for HYIP and Bitcoin Investors. People tend to share what’s new and paying site to get referrals.

2. Check for reviews

If you found a Hyip site which caught your attention, first thing to do is google for the program’s reviews on hyip monitors, forums and Facebook pages.

3. 0 Day old Hyip

It’s best to join a HYIP which is 0 day old or just got launched. Most HYIP sites pay their members who joined first because they more likely advertise their referral links if the site pays them. So stop looking for older paying HYIP sites!

4. Securities

Do not forget to check the website securities before joining because HYIP sites are keen to the eyes of hackers.

HYIP must have:

The securities shown to their websites must be clickable to verify, unless its just images to trick the eyes.

This does not guarantee that the site will not turn to scam, but delaying the days of scamming you.

5. The Price is Right

The more you get higher interest, the more it is likely to scam you immediately. Don’t fall for 200% in 1 hour or 200% in 1 day. 3%-5% a day interest is an OK plan.

6. Get out Early

You should give yourself a limit on when to get out of the HYIP program you chose. Do not let it stay with you after 5 days!

Before you invest, make sure that you’re not investing your savings. Always remember that your money is at 99% at risk to the program you just barely know.

I, kinda, invest in Hyip sites when I learned about how to scam a Hyip Sites. I mean, not literally scam those sites but get the return of money that they promise for before they turn to scam me. Of course, I should outsmart them because money is money, right?

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