How to Transfer Altcoins to

Got Altcoins that want to transfer to Let’s find out how.

Before we begin, I’ll explain the following terminologies:

Altcoins/Alternative Coins

These are coins that are not bitcoin.

Examples: Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash etc.

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It collects and combines your faucet earnings.

Example: Faucethub (Getyourbitcoin, Coinmine, Fautsy etc.) and Coinpot (Bitfun, Bonus Bitcoin, Moonbitcoin etc.)

Multi wallet

It is a bitcoin wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies or in other words altcoins. is a bitcoin wallet ONLY so therefore no one can send any altcoin to it but there are 2 ways that you can do to transfer your altcoin.

2 Ways to Transfer Altcoins to

1. Convert to Bitcoin using Microwallet

If your altcoins will come from a microwallet such as Coinpot, you may convert or exchange them to Bitcoin which you can send to

How to convert altcoin/btc in Coinpot.

Choose the altcoin that you want to convert and click “Convert to Bitcoin Core”

Fill up the information needed.

Choose Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Core is another name for Bitcoin.

Put your password and click Convert. Your altcoin is now bitcoin which you may send to

The good thing about Coinpot is it does not charge Exchange fee.

How to convert altcoin/btc in Faucethub

In your account, click Exchange then click buy and choose the altcoin you want to convert.

Keep in mind that Faucethub charge .5% fee.

2. Exchange your Altcoin in Multiwallet

If your altcoins do not come from a Microwallet but will pay you directly to your wallet, you may choose to withdraw them to Coinomi app which is a multi wallet.

How to convert altcoin in Multi wallet

Click the upper left icon on your Coinomi account and choose any of the 2 Exchanges.

Choose the altcoin and amount you want to convert to Btc.

And there you go, your altcoin is no longer an altcoin and can now be transferred to your account!


Transfer your altcoin when Bitcoin is down so you may get much bitcoin or satoshi compared when bitcoin is high.



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15 thoughts to “How to Transfer Altcoins to”

    1. Hi Carmz!

      Paalala lang na “bitcoin” lang ang pwede mong i-transfer papuntang Coinsph ah.

      1. Open Coinomi account.
      2. In Overview, click Bitcoin.
      3. On the upper right corner, Click Send.
      4. Copy and paste your Coinsph Bitcoin wallet address on “Pay to”
      5. On Amount section, write down the amount of satoshi that you want to transfer
      (Example: 50,000 satoshi is equal to 0.0005. Write 0.0005 instead.)
      6. Click Send on the lower right corner.

      The Golden Tip
      Double check mo yung bitcoin address na kinopya mo sa Coinsph dahil may malware na ibang bitcoin ang na-i-pa-paste kaya sa ibang bitcoin address napupunta ang tinatransfer na bitcoin.

  1. hi zen, ok lng ba ung gamitin kng wallet address sa faucethub ay from coinomi? like sa mga altcoins… ung bitcash wallet address ko sa coinomi hindi marecognize ng faucethub…

    1. Hi Carmz!

      Kaya ganyan ay dahil updated na ang Coinomi. Meaning sinunod na nila ang bagong wallet address format ng Bitcoin Cash. Lahat ng bitcoin cash wallet ay nagsisimula na ngayon sa letter “q”.

      Hindi pa updated ang Faucethub at Coinpot sa bagong wallet address format ng Bitcoin Cash kaya hindi nila ma-recognize kung magpapadala ka ng pera gamit ang bagong format.

      Kung alam mo ang lumang bitcoin cash wallet address mo ay pwede mo pa rin yung gamitin at automatic na mapapadala pa rin sa Coinomi wallet address mo ang bitcoin cash funds mo kahit iba na ang mismong wallet address.

      Kung hindi mo naman alam ang dati mong wallet address pwede mo pa ring malaman sa pamamagitan nito:

      1: Punta ka dito CashAddress Conversion

      2. Punta sa Coinomi at i-copy mo ang bitcoin cash wallet address na nagsisimula sa small letter

      3. I-paste mo sa search bar ng CashAddress at pindutin ang “convert”

      4. Pindutin ang “legacy”

      Sa ganyang paraan makikita mo ang lumang bitcoin cash wallet mo na pwede mo ngayong gamitin sa Faucethub at Coinpot.

      Para ma-double check kung tama ang nakuha mong wallet address, pwede mo tong gawin:

      1. Kopyahin mo ang Bitcoin Cash address na nakuha mo.

      2. I-paste sa search bar ng CashAddress Conversion at mag-enter.

      3. Click “legacy” at “cashaddress”

      4. Check mo kung parehas ito sa Coinomi Bitcoin Cash address mo.

  2. hello po.bago lng po ako.ask ko lng po kung paano macoconvert other cryptocurrencies to btc using coinomi app?

    1. Hi Cheche!

      Anjan na sa taas ang proseso. Sundin mo na lang kung ano ang nakalagay sa “How to convert altcoin in Multi wallet”

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