How to get Direct Referrals

Want to know the different ways on how to get many direct referrals?

One of the goals of online programs is to get thousands or even millions of members as possible. More members = More money coming in their sites that’s why they give affiliate or upline commission to every one who successfully promoted their sites.

The online programs’ secret to success is actually to build a solid community and their members’ secret to success is to get many active referrals to earn.

Hmmm. Imagine if you have many refs and you get 50% commission of what they earn or invested. It would be a passive income for you. Therefore, you should learn how to get downlines.

Before I reveal the Direct Referral Methods, let me give you the different types of referrals.

Different Types of Referrals

Direct Referrals

A direct referral is someone who signs up under your referral link. Most online programs are offering commission to members who get downlines.

Rented Referrals

Not good at inviting people? You may try to put money first to rent referrals for a month and get commissions from them. Only few sites have this feature and one of them is “The King of PTC” named Neobux.

Buy Referrals

Some sites are offering their members to buy referrals in addition for getting direct referrals. A site known for this is Trafficswirl, a traffic exchange site.



Different ways to get direct referrals:

Create a blog post

You may write a review about the program you want to promote or anything related to it and put your affiliate links anywhere on your posts. If the reader clicks your link and signs up, Tadda! you get a referral!

Paid to Sign Up

If you want a no-hassle promoting your referral link, you may try any Paid to Sign Up site and pay your future referrals to be your refs.

Traffic Exchange

You may use a traffic exchange just like Easyhits4u where you get a rate of 1:1. Means that you need to view someone else’s page and you get someone to also view your referral link.

Advertise your Referral link

If you have enough money for advertising, you may do so. You may advertise your referral banners to Infolinks or Adhitz. Just don’t advertise it on Adsense because they do not accept affiliate links.

Create a Facebook Page

You may create a Facebook Page about the online programs you want to promote to build trust and community. Just update it regularly.

Post on Make Money Online Page

There are several groups on Facebook where people are allowed to post your referral links and spam. Make sure that you also give information and tips on how to earn money on the site you are promoting and answer questions if there are.

Post on Comments

People love to read comments. Go to Make Money Online Pages on Facebook and post your referral link and info about the site on the comment section where people will more likely to read than the post itself.

Create a Video onĀ YouTube

You may create a video review about the program you are a member of and put your referral link. Some people prefer to watch videos than reading articles.

Post on forum

Join forums where you can post about certain programs and where you can put your affiliate link on the signature.

In my opinion

Getting Direct and Active Referrals is the absolute key to earn money online. You may try one or two or all of the given strategies to get direct referrals. Just make sure that before you promote or invite someone to your chosen program/s, it is legitimate and paying. No one wants to invest time and/or money for nothing, right?

If you have additional tips to our co-affiliate, you may share your ideas below.



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