How to earn from Zubee Zone

Zubee Zone is another money making sidegame launched by John Bell, director of Conquest Marketing and Traffic Swirl, in 2015.




Unlike Paid to Click and Traffic Exchanges Programs, Zubee Zone doesn’t require its members to view advertisement in order to earn. In fact, it gives additional opportunity for them to earn while they do their regular visits to their favorite programs.


How to get Zubee Coins?
1. Zubee Zone members and non-members can see Zubee Coins on Money Making Sites like Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. Look for this image in the programs which has Zubee Zone to find out how to get Zubee Coins. Some blogs and TE give Zubee Coins just by logging in your account.zubee rewards


2. Members can collect Zubee Coins whenever they see this kind of logo. Whenever you find this image, all you have to do is to click the red bar with “Claim Your Coin!” and you will be redirected to your Zubee Zone Account with coin.claim coin


3. Members can also collect Zubee Coins whenever they see an Emerald Hunter Page in a Traffic Exchange Site. Everyday, login to your Zubee Zone account to find out the 3 websites where Zubee Zone’s Emerald Hunter Page are present. 


Zubee’s Worth

Zubee coins has a Marketplace where members can redeem their accumulated coins to real cash or as an additional bonus. Options in redeeming Zubee Zone Coins are to get Cash, Zubee Claim Bonus, Additional Team Member, Bonus for All Team and Click Track Profit Teams XP.

zubee zone marketplace


Additional Bonus
Zubee Zone give its members additional way to earn zubee coins by giving extra awards and points. This is a great way to multiple zubee coins. Join a team and be active everyday to get bonuses.

zubee zone active bonuses


Zubee Zone is another great opportunity to people to earn extra cents online without making efforts. Join Zubee Zone now for free!




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