Ethereum Wallet in Coinsph

Ethereum Wallet in Coinsph???

For years, Coinsph is known for being a user-friendly Bitcoin Wallet for Filipinos.

Using Coinsph, we can buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins, buy loads and credits, pay bills and earn money by inviting people.

If you love its advantages, you will love it even more now that users can have an Ethereum Wallet!

Yes! There is now an Ethereum Wallet for Filipinos!

Coinsph, a bitcoin wallet a bitcoin and ethereum wallet, does put an end to our google searches on “ethereum wallet in the Philippines”, “what is the best ethereum wallet in the Philippines” and other related questions regarding ethereum wallet.

Let me show you the step by step guide on how to get ethereum wallet using Coinsph.


Step 1.

You will see an Ethereum Wallet feature beside your Bitcoin Wallet.

Tap it and you will see that in order to get an Ethereum wallet, you need to pay P20.00. The money will not profit Coinsph but will go to the Ethereum Network for initiating smart contract.

The payment will be deducted from your Peso or Bitcoin wallet balance.

Swipe the “Slide to Create” and

Step 2.

Enter the verification code from Authy or Google Authenticator for Coinsph for security.

Step 3.


You now have an Ethereum Wallet! You can now buy and sell Ethereum!

(May Skip) Step 4.

I do not want to look at my Ethereum Wallet with 0 balance so I decided to convert some of my money from my Peso wallet.

Since I only have P35.29, I converted it to ethereum to get at least 0.00076073 gwei. (gwei is equivalent to satoshi of bitcoin)

If you also want to get some ethereum or gwei before the price of Ethereum fluctuates, just type of amount you want to convert and swipe “Slide to Convert”.

(May Skip) Step 5.

Tadda! My P35 becomes P33.97 worth of ethereum!

No worries, the price is volatile and I now have 0.000760 gwei!

Step 6.

Tap Receive icon to see your Coinsph Ethereum Wallet Address.

Get free Ethereum by solving captchas!



Can send and receive ethereum
can receive eth sent by smart contract
Can send/request to/from your facebook friends
Can send eth to your friends using their mobile numbers and e-mail addresses
Can cash in using 711, bank accounts, pawnshops and cash cards (buy peso balance first then convert to eth)


Cant convert to bitcoin (only PHP to ETH and vice versa)
Cant buy load (only PHP and BTC)
Cant pay bills (only PHP and BTC)
Cant buy eth directly without buying peso or bitcoin
Cant send eth to ICOS

For Crypto Beginners, do not ever ever ever send bitcoin to ethereum because they are 2 different networks and you will not recover the lost funds.

Coinsph Ethereum Wallet is a life changer for crypto enthusiast. It is now easier to buy and sell ethereum in the Philippines.

But wait there’s more!

Coinsph does not close its door to these two gigantic cryptos only but also looking for others altcoins to be added in the near future. Kudos and let’s celebrate!

Thank you Coinsph for bringing Ethereum Wallet in the Philippines!



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  1. Hello Ms. Zen,

    Ako po ulit. Not related sa wallet for ethereum. Sa SwissAdsPaysEthFaucet(eth faucet) po na nirecommend nyo, naexperience nyo po ba mag mine don? kasi bigla pong nag stop mining ung sa akin. “Loading” lang ung nakalagay. Almost two months ko na rin pong ni-run ung mining and it worked fine. Sa ngaun po, 2 weeks na pong “loading” lang ung nakalagay. hindi na sya nagmimina. Baka po meron kaung idea or solution dito? Thank u Ms. Zen!

    1. Hi Samcon!

      Pasensya na hindi ko alam yan hindi kasi ako nagmimine diyan. Mabuti pa kontakin mo sila para malaman mo mismo sa kanila kung bat ganyan na ang experience mo.

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