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Easyhits4u is one of the traffic exchanges sites that values customers by giving them the service that they dream of. Unlike other traffic exchanges sites, anyone can join as a free member and start earning cash and credits right away.

What is a Traffic Exchange Site?

A traffic exchange site is a program where members can exchange page views or traffic to their preferred sites or affiliate links. Some members choose to advertise their referral link on other money making sites to get referrals than getting page views to their blog site.

Cash and Credits

You will get cash and credit for every pageview you get.


1:1 Ratio – For every website you view, you will also get the same number of page view on your site. You may assign the credits that you will get straightaway, convert it to banner or text impressions or keep it for massive distribution in the future.

The good thing about Easyhits4u is they offer what other TE sites are offering to their premium or paid members. It is only Easyhits4u that give 1:1 Ratio to Free members.


1000 Pages  For every 1000 pages you surf in Easyhits4u, you will get $0.30 or equivalent to $0.0003 every page.

You may surf as much as you can. If you enjoy clicking ads in PTC and want more ads, Easyhits4u fits you.


Easyhits4u started in 2003 and accumulated more than 1,000,000 members. They continue to progress by adding ways for members to earn more and easily.

Aside from earning cash and credits at the same time, Easyhits4u is very generous for giving bonuses to their members.


1. Lottery – For every 25 pages you view, you will have a chance to get a free raffle to their lottery and a free chance to get cash and credits!

easyhits4u lottery


2. Easy Splash Builder – You can create, update, host and track your own splash pages for any website for free!

easyhits4u splash page


3. Easy Rotator – You can manage and track your own rotator for free

easyhits4u rotator


4. Referrals –  You can get credits and cash upto 5th level referrals.

easyhits4u referrals


5. Promo Tools – They have created a lot of splash pages, banners, peel away ads, and text links to help you refer new users.

easyhits4u promo tools


5. Offer Wall – You may get additional earnings using their Offer Wall

easyhits4u offerwall


6. Conversion – You may convert your accumulated cash to credits and upgrades and vice versa.

easyhits4u conversion


7. Connection – You may be friends and send messages to other Easyhits4u members.

easyhits4u connection

Last Words

If you own a blog site and wanted to gain views immediately, you may consider joining a traffic exchange site because it allows you to receive page views and/or commissions.

However, if you want to know the latest way to earn money online, you may also consider to take a look at Easyhits4u and see what members are promoting.


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