Philippines’ Own Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies used for safer transactions nowadays.


The good news for Filipinos is that we now have our own Bitcoin Wallet which gives us a wide opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin easily.


Benefits from
1. Members can buy and sell using the following methods.
You can’t make a transaction using these methods if you choose international bitcoin wallets. Members of who want to buy or sell bitcoins have the option to choose which type of transaction they want. Included in the options are Bank deposit, Online Bank Transfer, ATM deposit, Remittance center, Department store, Prepaid Load and Globe Gcash. transaction type



2. Buy Load
Members of can buy load and get a 10% rebate. They can now save time and earn bitcoin using the Buy Load option in You can buy load instantly if you are a Globe, TM, Sun, Smart and Talk N Text subscriber. Imagine, buying 1000 worth of load will give you P50 off! buy load



3. Pay Bills
Hassle-free! Members can now pay their bills using this program. Mommies out there can now use their bitcoins to pay their bills like Electric and Water Bill, Credit Card Bill, Cable Bill, Life Insurance, Telecom and even Tuition Fees of their children. pay bills



4. Earn Rewards also offers its members different ways to earn bitcoin. Want to get bitcoins without investing or depositing money? gives solution to that. There are 10 different ways on how to accumulate bitcoins and they referring a friend, sending bitcoin to a friend’s email, buying load, verifying address, identity and phone number, connecting linkedin, twitter, coinbase and facebook accounts. earn rewards



5. 2 Wallets in 1
Members have a peso wallet and a bitcoin wallet. offers its members 2 types of wallet; peso and bitcoin wallet. They can convert the two any time they want. 2 wallets



6. 1% Fee offers the lowest transaction fee. You can only find this in Other programs offer a minimum of 12% fee per transaction. Be wise and choose our local bitcoin wallet provider instead.



I’ve been using for a year now and I found it very convenient to use. Many bitcoin lover I know online is now switching to because they can now make transactions using local banks and retailers.


Reminder: Secure your account using their 2 Factor Authenticator.


Want to join now? Click here!



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