10 Ways To Secure Paidverts/My Traffic Value Accounts

Knowing where to invest and how to secure accounts are the keys for successful investors.

Let’s focus on the primary investment programs nowadays named Paidverts and My Traffic Value. Having accounts on these programs make you earn more aside from your monthly salary and 100% securing your accounts from hackers will make you withdraw to the real world your passive income.

To protect your accounts, you must secure using these following points:



Strong Password

1. Create a strong password with combinations of letters, numbers and symbols and do not use your name, birthdate or clues about your personality.



change passwords

2. Change passwords weekly to secure that your password combination won’t be known by key loggers.



password in other program

3. Do not use passwords that you created in other programs because those passwords maybe used by the owner of the site to hack your accounts.



smiley shut up

4. Do not let anyone know your password combination to protect your account from anyone.



2 factor authenticator

5. Use 2 Factor Authentication Token. It gives random 6 digit number every 20 seconds. This will make sure that you will be the only one who can open your accounts.




6. Creating a pin requires an account holder to type the pin before entering a page. This is an extra security for your account to do not let hackers to gamble your baps and money and withdraw your money.




7. Always logout your account whenever you’re done so no one can easily hack your account.


mtv email

8. Do not click suspicious e-mails from Paidverts/My Traffic Value because it might come from a hacker.



game policy

9. Pay a Game Policy fee to secure your money and BAPS won’t be used in any casino games.




10. Always check your account history to see if there are suspicious actions done.


If you are serious of making money through these 2 investment site and want to grow your investments, you must follow these 10, not just 5, ways to secure your accounts from hackers.



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